If Not Us,Then Who?

In 2006, the New Haven Road Race, a long-standing foot race in downtown New Haven, lost its title sponsor, a local bank. The firm had been involved with the race for only a short time, providing a small sponsorship as part of a “legal challenge” with area law firms. 

Someone in New Haven needed to step up to ensure this event—that had brought commraderie, fun and good health to so many families for so many years—did not suffer due to the declining economy. The partners slept on the idea and thought: if not us, then who? Much to everyone’s surprise, including the race director himself, we signed on—not only becoming sponsor of the New Haven race, but also the races in Fairfield, Danbury and shoreline CT. And we’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

The race is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, continually drawing in more runners each year from every part of the country, as well as recognition as a USA 20K Championship race by Runner’s World magazine. For Faxon Law Group, the race not only marks the kick off of a new school year, but also represents fortitude, fun and a sense of togetherness in the community—positive experiences that are often robbed from our clients. Faxon Law Group takes pleasure in sponsoring the race in their honor.


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