Woodbury Man Left For Dead In Waterbury Hospital Hallway, Lawsuit Alleges

Lawsuit alleges the man was left unattended for three hours before dying at Waterbury Hospital
Woodbury Patch
Joe Lipovich
June 30, 2017

WATERBURY, CT—The wife of a Woodbury man is filing suit after she says he was left unattended for three hours and died in the emergency room at Waterbury Hospital. A lawsuit filed by Lindita Sadiku alleges 49-year-old Abip Sadiku collapsed face-first onto the floor of a hallway in the emergency room after complaining of "10 out of 10" severe pressure and very high blood pressure.

"We will hold Waterbury Hospital accountable for Mr. Sadiku's egregious wrongful death," said attorney Joel T. Faxon of the Faxon Law Group."This is clearly a multi-million dollar case. In fact, the callousness that led to Mr. Sadiku's death amounts to negligent homicide and those responsible must be brought to justice.”

The lawsuit alleges Abip Sadiku came to the hospital complaining of symptoms described as "classic signs of aortic dissection." Citing hospital records, the lawsuit claims doctors did not treat or observe him and abandoned him in a hallway and deprived him of medication.

Lindita Sadiku and the family begged hospital staff to treat him, and a nurse prescribed a Maalox cocktail to him without a doctor's clearance. The lawsuit then alleges Sadiku collapsed on the hospital floor and was administered CPR but never regained consciousness.

“Waterbury Hospital nurses appear to operate like free agents—playing fast and loose with the prescription of drugs that are supposed to be delivered only by a trained physician," said Faxon."I don't know if they were trying to save money, but in this case Mr. Sadiku paid with his life."

The lawsuit demands $15,000 in damages. It alleges the injuries suffered by Abip Sadiku were caused by the negligence and failure of Waterbury Hospital.

Waterbury Hospital declined to comment on the pending case to NBC Connecticut.

“Mr. Sadiku would have received better treatment in a veterinary hospital. He was inexplicably abandoned in a hallway while he and his family pleaded for help,” said Faxon.

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