nursing home abuse & neglect

At Faxon Law Group, we feel very strongly that everyone—regardless of their age—is entitled to a dignified system of healthcare. Elderly nursing home residents suffer injuries, humiliation and even death every year as a direct result of physical abuse or patient neglect. Often the abuse and neglect are associated with falls—including falls from beds, wheelchairs, or stairways—particularly when orders calling for supervision or the use of restraint are ignored by nursing home staff. Neglect-related injuries also include wandering from nursing home facilities due to dementia, choking caused by unsupervised eating, burns caused by patient contact with heated surfaces such as exposed radiators, medication-related injuries caused by unsupervised or negligent medication dispensing practices and a host of other conditions.

If you or a loved one has been harmed at a nursing home facility, our experienced, on-staff medical professionals will investigate the claim and get you the answers you deserve.


There is also a wealth of information available through Medicare and the Department of Public Health websites. Look up listings of nursing homes throughout the state.